Monday, March 16, 2009

Get outta here!

I've got a new blog. Kinda the same, sure, but leaner, stronger, recession-proof and more bloggy in all the right spots.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The superhero among us

My son, Evan, walking to a friend's house sporting a cape of his own design. My wife, Kelly, sewed the cape and together we dread the day when he is too cool for wanting to do something so cute and innocent. Unless, of course, he never stops wanting to wear it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kelly + Kurt

Crafty re-purposing of engagement pictures.

Sexy detail by my associate, Sarah.

One of the more interesting stained-glass details I've encountered.

The reception was at the Sioux City Orpheum, with dinner on the stage.

A wedding tradition I hadn't encountered before. The bridesmaids kidnapped the groom during the reception and took him drinking. The same happened to the bride. Neither tried to escape their captors.

Nothing goes better with pink and pearls than a smoke and a cold one. Meoooow.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tegwin + Carl

That little oasis in Ames, Reiman Gardens, was the setting for this intimate summer wedding. Tegwin was just the right mix of practical girl and animated bride. And, as all grooms should be, Carl was the besotted groom.

A nice frame by my lovely assistant, Sarah.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new year, a new resolve and a wedding post

Here I am again, the prodigal blogger. I know there's value in these posts. There's a few of you out there who seem to enjoy my musings and, from a practical standpoint, it allegedly helps my standing in inscrutable world of search engines. Or, maybe, it's all just a narcissistic exercise or a cry for help. Whatever the motivation, at least it gets my blog-happy colleagues off my back if I post more. I wish I wasn't but I'm a procrastinator not a fighter. Whenever I finally get around to it, I do always try to cover up the time lost with lovely cover stories (See next paragraph)

I feel like there's some value to letting the images age a bit. The images are only stale by the standards of our always-on way of life. The moments here are just as authentic and the love, laughter, tears and beers just as heartfelt and refreshing as the split-second they occurred. A rationalization, perhaps, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Let's start back in the summer, the wedding of Emily and Travis, Democratic Party campaign staffers in love. The air was filled with more than the usual anticipation of 2 becoming 1. This was also the weekend it became apparent that Barack Obama would lock down the presidential nomination. Emily, who worked on Obama's Iowa campaign, even received a call on the way to the ceremony from the man who would be president. A sweet gesture from a man on the brink of history to a young woman about to cross the threshold.

Exhibit B in the case against strapless dresses.

Please pardon the salty graffiti but that's just the way we roll in Des Moines. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anne + Zach

This wedding had a twist that I never would have thought of but that I really enjoyed. Only immediate family, about 25 folks total, attended the ceremony. It gave the ceremony an intimate and relaxed feel even though it took place in the typical church setting. The reception featured the usual cast of hundreds. The contrast of intimacy and revelry was nice.

May I present evidence in the case against strapless dresses (or, is it evidence for? Hmmm):

This is Marcy (Gitch) Klipfel, bride from one of my all-time great weddings that figures heavily in my portfolio. I'm considering making all former brides do this dance when I see them. That's her strapping husband, Brian, at left. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Catherine + Ryan, Philadelphia

I don't care what Miss Manners says, it's never too late, even in our instant-gratification world, to say thank you. So, it's on bended, arthritic knee that I offer my humble gratitude to a great friend and wonderful photographer, Ryan Donnell, and his wife, Catherine, for asking me to photograph their wedding in Philadelphia.
As if that weren't enough, I managed to trick best friend and former protégé, Chip Somodevilla, a talented photographer for Getty Images, to leave D.C. to join me and triple the talent level. I must tell you, Chip, the padawan is now the master.
The icing on the cake (or the frothy head on the pint of Guiness, as it were), was the abundance of dear, old friends galore and whole lot of genuine Irish folk whose endearing talent for a good time was on full display.

The Brothers Donnell (some fine genes there)

Chip. If news, or love, breaks out, he's armed and creatively dangerous.

Ryan was the greatest groom ever, loving and attentive to his bride and, best for me, laidback. The entire ceremony, whether he was looking out at friends and family or gazing at Catherine, his Cheshire Cat grin never diminished. It's the sign of a man who knows he hit the jackpot of love.

Mild-mannered Matt Rourke, a photographer for the Associated Press, doing what he should have done when he was recently treated to a night in jail while covering the Republican convention in St. Paul.

BFF and lovely photographer Allison V. Smith with artist and major player Guillermo Munro (he's twice as dangerous as he looks).

Dear Lord, how did this get here? That's me actually dancing with my beautiful wife, Kelly. I only do this when clients cramp my style with too many formal group pictures or, in this case, allow me to drink on the job. God bless the Irish!